St Anne's House and Chapel, York

St Anne's is a small monastic house, dedicated to the Mother of Mary, the Mother of God. It is a small terraced house in the Groves area of York, about a ten minutes walk from York Minster. Although there is no accommodation for guests at Saint Anne's, visitors are always welcome and there are hotels and guesthouses in the area.

Saint Anne's extends its ministry to students, people with addiction problems, and prisons and hospitals. This work is supported by the pattern of daily prayer and intercession, and the Divine Liturgy on Sundays and feast days. Saint Anne's enjoys many ecumenical contacts and, with others, tries to support those in need in the area regardless of personal belief.

The work is non stipendiary and receives neither grants nor expenses, so in this, and much other work, Saint Anne's is supported only by the loving generosity of God, shown through the kindness of the small but very supportive congregation, visitors and friends.

Saint Anne's Chapel is situated in the rear lane behind 33 Brownlow Street. It is only about 17 feet square and houses, amongst others, relics of Saint Anne. The chapel has been in use since March 1995.

The Divine Liturgy is celebrated in the chapel (in English) on Sundays at 11.00am and on Holy Days and Saints Days as announced.

As the house is home to Father Stephen (Robson) and the chapel is a private one, it is appreciated if visitors contact Father Stephen before attending services. The Daily Hours are read in the chapel when Father Stephen is resident. For details of these, together with other services or for any other enquiry, please telephone: 01904 626599,  079 1766 1646 or e-mail

Saint Anne's House, 33 Brownlow Street, York, YO31 8LW

Saint Anne's Orthodox Trust is a Registered Charity, No. 1064510