Visit to the Patriarchate by a delegation from the Archdiocesan Council

On 27 August a delegation from the Archdiocesan Council led by His Eminence Metropolitan Emmanuel of France, and consisting of the Fathers Jean Gueit, Vice President of the  Archdiocesan Council, Fr Alexander  Fostiropoulos, Michel Sollogoub, Sectretary of the Council and Serge Runge, visited the see of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Istanbul where it was received by the Commission for Inter-Orthodox Affairs and subsequently by His Holiness Patriarch Bartholemew.

A meeting was held with  the Commission for Inter-Orthodox Affairs under the chairmanship of Metropolitan John of Pergamon regarding the canonical aspects on the process of modification of the statutes and election of the Archbishop.  It was resolved that following the vote to change the statutes at the Extraordinary General Assembly of 31 October and 1 November this year, the Diocesan Administration would immediately inform the Holy Synod which will be in session at the same time.  The Ecumenical Patriarchate will reply at once.  After formally receiving the list of candidates prepared by the Archdiocesan Council at its meeting of 31 July 2013, the Holy Synod will reply allowing the election of the Archbishop to proceed.

His Holiness Patriarch Bartholemew then received the delegation.  He gave his assurance of the unfailing support of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.  He assured them that the Exarchate was firmly in his heart and that he could be trusted to protect the Exarchate and to assist it in the dificulties it was going through. Previously the members of the Commission had expressed themselves in the same way.