The Annual Deanery Conference

"The single most important event in the life of the Deanery”
(Fr John Marks).

The Annual Deanery Conference is a traditional gathering of all the Deanery in order to share its prayer, love, friendship etc.

In the last couple of years it took place in the Pastoral Centre at St Albans. In 2012 it changed its location and moved to High Leigh, Hoddesdon,  Herts.


Deanery Conference & Festival 2019 (main page)

Date and place: 24th to  27th May 2019 at High Leigh, Hoddesdon, Herts 

Theme: ‘Let your light so shine: Living and Bearing Witness in Britain Today’


Conference 2018 photos

Here are the photos from the annual Deanery Conference and Festival 2018

Deanery Conference & Festival 2018 (main page)

Date and place: 25th to  28th May 2018 at High Leigh, Hoddesdon, Herts 

Theme: 'In Peace, let us Pray: Our Encounter with God in Orthodox  Life and Worship', 


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Conference 2017 audio

Deanery Conference & Festival 2017: Reports

Deanery Conference & Festival 2017 - photos

Below are the links to the photo albums of the Deanery Conference & Festival 2017.

All photo albums can be found here.

Dominic Pote
James Hyndman
Children's Programme


Appeal for Conference Donations from Fr David

Dear Brothers in Christ,

The Annual Festival and Conference has been a great success  at High Leigh each May. Parish and Community contributions  have been a pivotal reason for this. We have been able to offer a subsidised fee for children, free places  for the very young and the elderly and provide for them all an engaging and stimulating programme. Your contributions have also paid for helpers for the children's programme and assistance with bursaries for all requiring financial help.

Conference / Festival 2017 open for applications

This newsletter comes to you by way of wishing you all a 'Happy New Year!' and announcing that we are now ready to receive your applications to attend our annual Conference and Festival, which this year takes place from the 26th to the 29th May.

Annual Deanery Conference and Festival 2017 main page

This is the main page with all the information about the annual Deanery/Conference 2017.

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The theme of the Conference 2017 will be, 'Let us attend!  Attentiveness to the Word of God in prayer and everyday life'.

Date: 26th to 29th May 2017

Address: High Leigh Conference Centre, Lord Street, Hoddesdon EN11 8SG (google map)

Photos can be found here:


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