Communiqué from the Diocesan Administration on the convalescence of Archbishop Gabriel.

 Archbishop Gabriel left the hospital in Maastricht on Wednesday, February 2 in the morning, one day before the date of his official release. He is now resting in his house in Maastricht and will return to Paris at the end of his convalescence towards of the end of February.
He thanks with all his heart all those who supported and continue to support him by their prayers.

Here is a suggested petition to be included in the celebration of the Divine Liturgy:
"O Lord our God, we acknowledge the blessings that Thou hast bestowed upon thy servant, Archbishop Gabriel and whom Thou hast protected from any adverse event, we pray Thee, stretch out Thy mighty hand upon him that he may soon recover his health and grant him the grace to continue his episcopal service to the glory of Thy Holy Name and the building of Thy Holy Church, we earnestly, beseech Thee, hear us and have mercy on us. "